Who Are the Singers in Your All Girl Backup Group?

by Pamela

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Ah, the all girl backup group! Typically, they are the singers that backup and support the lead singer in a singing group. In this version, however, they are your backup group and act as a powerful source for support and advice.

Several years ago, Milne Kintner, my amazing life coach, introduced me to her concept of the all girl backup group. The all group backup group is a group of 3 – 4 women that you admire that will act as your life advisory group. When times get tough or you have a thorny decision to make, use the counsel of your all girl backup group. Ask each one what they would advise you to do and then decide whether to use their advice. Think of them as your go to resource!

Yes, You Could Have Your Own Girl Backup Group!

Here’s how to form your group:

  1. Brainstorm a list of potential group members. You can choose famous women – alive or dead, women you know, or fictional women such as CJ Cregg, Press Secretary/Chief-of-Staff from the West Wing.
  2. Audition them. Try each one out to see if they fit by asking each one a question and seeing if their answer resonates with you.
  3. Pick the finalists. reduce the list to your top three or four singers.
  4. Hang out with them. Put up pictures of the backup group near your desk or somewhere where you will be reminded of the group and the powerful resource you have for answering questions and solving problems.

Meet My All Girl Backup Group

  1. Tina Turner. Tina represents strength during difficult times.  Gutsy and raw.  And don’t forget about her amazing comeback after dumping Ike! I ask Tina for advice when I want to be bold or need to have a comeback – what would Tina do?
  2. Gloria Steinem. One of the pioneers of the Women’s Movement and an activist and a change agent. I ask Gloria for advice when I want to take a unpopular stance – what would Gloria do?
  3. Jane Fonda. When you think of Jane Fonda you may think aerobics, Movie Star, and/or Ted Turner. When I think of Jane Fonda I think of her as an activist who used her celebrity to stand up for what she believed during the Viet Nam war. I ask Jane for advice when I want to stand up – what would Jane do?

So, who are the singers in your all girl backup group? Please share with us in the comments, below.

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