Who are these Brilliant Women?

You are! Brilliant Women are smart, sharp, busy, glorious, superb, wonderful, and resourceful women that are looking for strategies and methods to simplify and improve their lives. 

Why should I read this blog – I am very busy you know…

Read this blog because it is useful to you – it either makes your life easier, calls you to action, stimulates your intellect, let’s you know about a good book or makes you want to participate by leaving a comment or by a writing a guest blog post.

Some of the ideas presented here will be new to you.  Others may be new with a slight twist, and yet others you will already know about but may need a gentle reminder. You are brilliant, after all!

Who is the blog primarily for?

Women over 40 although we welcome all!

What are you blogging about?

Life, self-growth, demystifying technology, good books, relationships, how to play big, your future self, mind/body work. What would you like to read about? Please take our survey.

How do I share an 8KBW post with my colleagues and friends?

  1. Email. There is an email button at the bottom of each post.  It will open your email program and create an email with the link to the article. All you need to do is insert the email address of your friends, add any comments, and hit “send”. It’s that easy.
  2. Social Media, such as Twitter.  If you use social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, there is a button at the bottom of each post that will allow you to share blog articles.

How frequently do you blog?

Generally two to three times a week.

What about men – aren’t you going to include them?

We like men! They are very welcome here! Many of the topics that are discussed on 8KBW apply to both women and men.

Do the links inside a post contain affiliate ad links that benefit 8KBW?

Yes, there are affiliate links to deflect the costs of running 8000 Brilliant Women.  I have affiliate links for books with Amazon. 

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