6 Easy Ways to Get Unstuck

by Pamela

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Getting Unstuck

Feeling stuck?

Being stuck can be such a frustrating experience! But there are tools and techniques to help you get unstuck that work!

Here are 6 easy and effective ways to get unstuck.

  1. Create micro-movements.

    Take your goal and break it down into the smallest imaginable tasks parts. Bestselling author, Sark, calls these “micro-movements”. They are really tiny components of a task that can be done in five minutes or less. We can do just about anything for that period of time. Always make sure that you specify a date and time when you will complete the Micro-movement.

    Here’s an example:Goal: write a novel.
    Micro-movement: Create a Word document named “Novel” by Friday at 2:00 pm.

    Sark strung thousands of micro-movements together and published 11 books!

  2. Use a timer.

    This can be used in conjunction with #1. Pick a task or micro-movement and set a timer for 15 minutes and just get started. You are only going to work on the task for 15 minutes. Often you will find that you will be on a roll at the end of 15 minutes and want to continue for another 15 minutes. Or another 15 minutes.This is a very effective method for me and I used it to write this blog post!
  3. Use a tool.

    Get Unstuck and Get Going on the Stuff That Matters by Michael Bungay Stanier. This flip book is a great source for inspiration with over 150 stories, quotations, models of human dynamics and powerful questions!Sedona Method.  Learn to release being stuck using a simple 2 minute exercise. Check out this Sample Releasing Process.
  4. Reframe your self-talk.Instead of telling yourself you have to, tell yourself that you are choosing to. When we are told we have to do something, we often rebel and resist. By changing your self-talk you will lower your resistance.
  5. Talk to a friend.

    Sometimes talking it out is the best way to get unstuck. Choose an insightful friend who asks powerful questions to get at the root of why you are stuck.
  6. Do something totally different.

    If you have been focusing on heavy thinking processes get up and away from your desk and take a walk. Or go work in your garden. Sometimes taking a break from what you are working on can free up your mind so that when you go back to the task you are fresh and ready to work on it again.

Call to Action

Pick one methods to get unstuck and let us know about your progress in the Comments, below.


Make Your Creative Dreams Real by Sark. This is a wonderful and gentle book that helps procrastinators, perfectionists, and busy people develop and plan and complete it. The micro-movement concept is discussed in Chapter 4.

Download Sark’s  Micro-movement Support Sheets.

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