Happy Follow Friday!  Here is this Friday’s Brilliant Women to follow!

Jenny Garrett, @JenniferGarrett

Jenny Garrett is an executive coach, consultant, author and speaker.  She is passionate about challenging leaders to make a positive difference, motivating women to live their best life with pride, and inspiring authentic leadership.

Jenny’s video really gives you insight into Jenny and is beautifully done.

Read about Jenny’s new book, Rocking Your Role, here.

Jenny also publishes The Female Breadwinners Daily.

Be sure to follow Jenny on Twitter at @JenniferGarrett!

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Brilliant Women to Follow 08-10-12

Each week we will be publishing a list of Brilliant Women.  Here’s our first list! Susan Mazza, @susanmazza Susan blogs about leadership and is passionate about creating clarity, connection and collaboration. Great Posts: Are You a Muse for Magnificence People Are Like Diamonds The Purpose of Rules and Principles Susan’s website: http://randomactsofleadership.com/ While you are [...]

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When Did We Quit Dancing?

Remember when you were younger and danced by yourself, danced with your friends, danced with your boyfriend, danced with anybody? Dancing. I’m talking about the joyous dancing that comes from turning on some music and letting it rip. I’m talking about the huffing and puffing, get a side ache and still keep dancing kind of [...]

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6 Easy Ways to Get Unstuck

Getting Unstuck!

Feeling stuck? Being stuck can be such a frustrating experience! But there are tools and techniques to help you get unstuck that work! Here are 6 easy and effective ways to get unstuck.

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Friendships: 5 Terrific Ways to Spend Time With Friends

Thumbnail image for Friendships: 5 Terrific Ways to Spend Time With Friends

Photography by reebs* Ah, the contented, joyous feeling that you have when you spend quality time with a good woman friend! We laugh, we vent, we process, we encourage, we support, and we share our life’s stories. Well it turns out that there is a biological reason for that feeling. Studies show that the bonding [...]

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Who Are the Singers in Your All Girl Backup Group?

All Girl Backup Group

Ah, the all girl backup group! Typically, they are the singers that backup and support the lead singer in a singing group. In this version, however, they are your backup group and act as a powerful source for support and advice. Several years ago, Milne Kintner, my amazing life coach, introduced me to her concept [...]

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